Hello this is my private server.
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 DjFresh's GM application

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PostSubject: DjFresh's GM application   Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:06 pm

Quote :
Full Name: Djfresh

Age: 20

Experience i have 2 years exp, ive worked on many servers, and i played retail wow since the beta came out i no everything about this game and private servers.

Weakness: for now is scripting yet im learning fast so getting that down right now.

Good too: im good to make custom mobs, vendors, weapons, armor, chill areas, malls, help people oppen tickets, teach other GM somethings, help out in the best way i can to make the server alot better, show everyone a good time.

Have you been GM on a private server: yes ive been on many, sexy-wow was my own little creation with a couple of friends, it got shut down cuz the host had reallife problems and there was alot of drama when we merged lol, also riotwow, basically kicked my friend from being a admin and then i was just like thats wrong and left, chronicwow was a great server left there cuz it was going down hill cuz we had to many people and no money. ive helped out a ton of other servers get rready for public with things ingame.

Where you live (includes what language you can): born and raised in Miami florida cheaaaa

Why do you want to be GM on our server: well being a GM isnt just about having fun and flying around to me, i like it help people and make the server grow and get better, to meet new people and just have a good time.

APPLICATION: DECLINED REASON: The reason is that we don't need more GM/Admins right now. I'm sorry DjFresh.

//Blubar lol!
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DjFresh's GM application
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